Save Photoshop to PDF – How to Export Photoshop as PDF

How to Save Photoshop to PDF

Photoshop is a well-known professional photo editing software. It offers multi-platform/OS support for Windows, Mac, and Mobile Devices. They charge monthly fees for the different packages of tools. While it offers professional photo editing and photo retouching facility, it has a bounce of export options too. Like as web, portable documents, etc. Of course, it offers all common photo formats when saving a document. And this application is widely popular for Graphics Design too. To learn about How to Save Photoshop to PDF, please continue reading.

How to Export Photoshop to PDF – Instructions

First things first, you have to open your photos or image file in Adobe Photoshop. It could be an image with text or could be your design project file. Almost any image files. Do all the necessary editing if you need any. When you think you have done the edit, click on File many on top of the application. Then select “Save As”. To have a better idea of this step, please refer to the instruction screenshot below.

How to save Photoshop to PDF
How to save Photoshop to PDF

After clicking on “Save As” you will see another screen popup with location selection, filename, and format. Select the location where you want to save or export your document as PDF. In the latest Photoshop CC version, you will be able to save or export Photoshop files directly to the cloud as well as to the local drive. If you are on the latest Photoshop CC, you may see two options, one is to cloud, another is your local drive. In my case, and most of the time, we select the local drive as I do. And I have selected my Desktop as the location. Another thing is, to keep the “Save as a copy” option marked and keep the “Layer” option below unmarked if you don’t want to edit the PDF later. Keeping the option “Layer” mark will allow you to edit the PDF later if you need it, but that will increase the file size crazily. So, only keep marked if you really need to edit the file later, otherwise, try to keep that unmarked as I did. See the screenshot below for detailed instructions on this.

Save Photoshop to PDF instruction img
Save Photoshop to PDF instruction img

So, following the existing paragraph and the screenshot above, I think you kept the “Layer” option unmarked. Now, give a file name, in my case, I gave Photoshop to pdf write what you want. Also, select the file type. If you click on the “Save as type” field below the file name, you will a bunch of the file formats. You need to select Photoshop PDF(PDF, PDP) as I did. See the screenshot below for a little bit wide idea.

Export Photoshop as PDF instructions image
Export Photoshop as PDF instructions image

After maintaining the file name, save as type and the other two options for copy and layer hit on the save button below to the right on the same screen. After that, a new popup will show on the screen called Save Adobe PDF where we need to select the file properties information based on the purpose you would like to save the PDF to. This option will affect file size and resolution. So, if you miss something here, the file size could be unnecessarily bigger or lower in resolution. If you want to print the document then select the High-Quality Print option which will make the file size bigger. If you want to publish the PDF somewhere, select Press Quality this one will make the file size moderate with enough clarity of the document. I suggest, if the purpose is not higher than A4 size paper then you can easily select the Smallest File Size option which will give you a fair quality document with minimum file size in weight. Please see the screenshot below for better clarification. Oh, another thing, please keep the below option “preserve Photoshop editing capabilities” unmarked if you don’t want to edit the pdf in the recent future. Otherwise, this will make the file weight way bigger.

Save Adobe PDF tutorial at
Save the Adobe PDF tutorial at

After maintaining everything to Export Photoshop to PDF, please hit “Save PDF” from below. It’s done. You will find the PDF in your selected location. I suggest, opening the saved pdf before you close the Photoshop window/file. See PDF resolution and size/weight. If you need to adjust anything or increase the resolution, please change the PDF Preset from the last Save Adobe PDF window. I hope you will better understand which one suits you.

You can also use a freelance team for pdf conversion work if you really have a large project. There is a lot of freelance agency provide pdf conversion services along with Image Cutout Service. They are also cost-effective for large-scale jobs.

Enjoy the new PDF journey

We hope you found this how-to article helpful. Any further questions regarding any steps of this tutorial Save Photoshop to PDF, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. We will be as quick as possible to get you a human reply. Thanks for being with PDFroot.

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