Pros and Cons of listening an Audio book

This day, basically in the online market, or a DVD’s in the middle of the book page, publishers supply audio versions of almost every paper book. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes it costs extra bulks, and sometimes it sold separately. The audiobook is just an audio version of a regular book. Someone read that book and recorded it as an audio file. And the audio file is usable/playable in multiple smart devices like computers, smartphones, Mp3 players, etc. The audiobook is being hot in the market day by day. Listening to an audiobook is a smart alternative to carrying a paper book. So, the reader being shifted to a listener sometimes to enjoy reading/listening to a book. Like all other things, the audiobook also has some pros and cons. Let’s try to know what is the benefit and what is the negative of listening to an audiobook.

The benefit of an Audiobook: Pros

  • Easy to carry
    Listening to an audiobook could be interesting specially when you go outdoor. Or you travel a lot. The most benefiting fact to listening an audiobook is, you do not need to hang that in hand like a book. You just need to keep the audio file of a specific book inside the smart device you always carry. And when you think you want to listen to that, just play.
  • Easy to pause and play
    Like a music file, playing and pausing an audiobook is easy like you always do with a music file. So, this is very easy to start listening from the chapter or lesson or a specific like you just leave reading past hour.
  • Using multiple devices
    You can keep the audio file of the book on multiple devices so you can play using any devices. A personal desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, mp3 player, DVD, or any device that can play an audio file.
  • Do not need a light, but a proper device
    An audiobook does not require light which needs a paper book to see the pages. But audiobook requires eligible smart devices to play the audio file of a book. If you are in bed and switched off the light, an audiobook can still listen as an alternative to read. This helps sometimes.

The cons of an audiobook

  • Important marking
    You can not mark an important line or sentence or a whole lesson title with an audiobook as you do in a paper book. Usually, we mark in our paper book by pen mark, by highlighter, or underline. But with an audiobook, you can not take note of the audio file. You can note the file length, though, where you got a point to highlight. This could be trouble sometime.
  • Power consuming
    An audiobook used a smart device that can play audio files. And every smart device uses electricity or power source. Which means, you can listen to an audiobook without power. This can be disturbing for some situations. You can easily get your interest in reading a book even when you are a distance from electricity. Or your device is not powered up at that time. In that case, it is impossible to listen to an audiobook.
  • No bookshelf to keep/show a book
    Keeping a paper book in bookshelf is a traditional and modern choice in the current era. But with an audiobook, you can not do that. What you can do is organize the audio file to your smart device well which has risks to lost some time for various reasons. So, with the audiobook, you will be lost the traditional fact of bookkeeping.


An audiobook and paper book has its very own facilities and backpains. And there is a loop when you purchase or collect a paper book. In Amazon or eBay, most of the modern publishers offer Audiobook included with paper books. So, you can easily enjoy the privilege there. But also, some publisher offers the audiobook separately for extra bulks or you can purchase the audiobook alone. Better, define your reading or listening plan and purchase or collect what you perfectly need on that plan. Happy listening, or reading! 🙂

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