Paperbook vs eBook vs AudioBook Comparison

A book is traditionally mean a paper book. Handwritten things are printed on a number of papers by publisher credited to the author with a cover page. People will undoubtedly think about this in the very 1st phase of asking. But things are changed. Books are not mean only a paper book this day. It has different versions like eBook, Audiobook, PDF/WebBook, etc. And almost all of them are popular all around the world. Paperbook vs ebook vs audiobook has a huge search on the internet. But each of them has pros and cons in different terms. Let’s discuss their facilities and problems so we can understand which one good for what situation.

Paperbook vs eBook vs Audiobook Comparison

We will try to find out the difference between this three variant of books which all can be used to read a book.

Paperbook paperback book or hardcover book

The paper book is widely popular to read. This method is traditional basic to read a book, newspaper, magazine, etc. A paper book is basically printed in a number of papers from written things. And published under a publication who keeps the copyright but credited to the author. Most of the people even this day still prefer reading a book by paper book or hardcover book. A paper book is markable, rememberable by page number, organizable in a traditional bookshelf, etc.


The word “eBook” has a lot of versions today. eBook generally means an electronic book. Which means, eBook can be read in a specified and eligible electronic device like smartphones, computer, kindle(a product of Amazon made for specifically reading an eBook in kindle version), etc. eBook industry massively changed in last few years. Amazon has a very popular device themself named Kindlebook. PDF or web version book, which also an ebook, also widely used to read a book or a document on the go using multiple and different smart devices simultaneously. Based on the devices, an eBook can be marked by smart-pen, pointer, or touch to keep the special sentence remarked like a paper book.  You can not organize an ebook file to bookshelf or table but in a smart device screen or in the file manager. The eBook has it’s age than the audiobook concepts.


An Audiobook is a general audio file that is a recorded version of the book the voice is given by a real person sometimes by a machine/robot. The audiobook has it’s own popularity but this is smart in terms of eBook. Carrying a book is not always possible when you are outdoor moving to a different place. And holding a book to read is not always possible especially when you are traveling, moving, or doing something by hand. The audiobook comes into that situation. You just need to plug a headphone or earphone and play the audio file of the book using a music player into your smart device. An audiobook doesn’t require to hold, sit in a table or laying in a bed, but you can still do those things to listen. An audiobook is a smart option these days. Sometimes the publisher offers audiobook free with a paper book or hardcover book. Sometimes it requires extra bulks. And you will in some medium, an audiobook is being sold separately too.

Paperbook vs ebook vs audiobook
Paperbook vs ebook vs audiobook


It is difficult to find the best option to read a book in this generation. But a hardcover book is still the most popular one in the era. eBook and audiobook are options aside from the paper books, I guess. But the other two option from the hardcover book is also a good option for the situation where a paper book is tough to carry, hold, and read.

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