How you can save money to read books

Reading a book is the best way to pass the quality time. Nothing to lost purchasing a book and read that spending any sort of time. To read a book, the first thing is to collect that based on personal interest or topic of research. And collecting a book depends on different mediums. Purchasing is the most popular for spending some money. But how if you can save money to read a book? A book can be collected from the college library, book leasing agency/website, purchase, or collect from a friend. I think the most popular way to collect books by purchasing or collect from a friend. Let us know which way you follow to collect your books.

But we will talk about how you can save money to read books, obviously save money to collect a book first. Below are a few options on how someone can collect a book without cost or for a little cost. Let’s see…

Save money to read books

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  • Collect book from the college library
    If you are a student and you love to read book, the college library is one of the best book sources for you. Register to your college library and start passing a quality time there with a lot of books. Most of the college libraries offer books for the student to carry the book to their home/hostel and return upon completion. So, enjoy the facility if they have. Otherwise, go there, sit with a book and ride the read. For a college student, this is the best cost-effective way to collect and read multiple category books.
  • Collect books from friends
    We sometimes go to a friend’s home for homework, group study or for a casual time passing. Even if that doesn’t happen an often of time. You can ask your friend that which books s/he has in collection, maybe out of syllabus. Find which one you have interests on. Ask him/her if finished that one. You can get a review if your friend has done reading that book. And finally, if everything sounds fine to you, ask him to borrow that book if s/he does not have any problem with that. Most of the time you can expect your friend will give you the book to read. This is the most favorite and popular book collecting method. And then, enjoy the reading.
  • Lease a book from the different mediums
    Leasing a book is not that old method to collect a book in a cost-effective way. But nowadays, the book leasing method goes online where you can collect books online. In other words, book leasing means to lend a book for a certain time from different mediums. Like, library, online, etc. You can lend a book from Book Lender for per book or a monthly subscription. There is more online portal offer book leasing/lending service like Amazon. This method can also save you some money instead of purchasing the book but lend it. Find, and enjoy the reading.
  • Purchase an old book online/offline
    An old book means someone owns that book previously, read and sold to a merchant for reselling, for the very less price. There is a lot of online and offline shop available now where the old book is in sell. You can go to the local market/book-shop to find your desired book in the old version. Old book or previously owned book generally costs less like half than the original market price. So, you can save accountable bulk, purchasing an old book online or offline.
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  • Purchase Audiobook
    An audiobook is cheaper than a paperback book. You will find an audiobook in most of the places online where generally a book listed for sale. It costs almost half a price for an audiobook compared to the same paper book price. You can find an audiobook on Amazon, eBay, and other online book stores.
  • Find copyright-free books and download from the Internet
    Every 100 years old book is copyright-free. Also, there are a lot of other books that are less than 100 years but copyright-free. Search for copyright-free books and search in Google to download that. I hope you must find that on the Internet. If so, you can enjoy the read on the go using your smart device. You can find and download copyright-free books from ePathagar.


Saving money to read a book can be interesting. From the above all, someone may find another way to find books free of cost of low-cost. Let us know which method you used-to to follow. Here you can find the top 5 best-selling books on Amazon.

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