How to save an MS Word file to PDF – Tutorial

In my personal community and circle, I’ve been questioned a lot of time about this that the user can not save their word file like PDF. It took me a while to only understand what the problem with their Microsoft Word installation or function they can’t save the files to PDF for. A lot of time, the same version I use and the person asked me they can’t are the same version of MS word. Finally, I’ve found the issue why a lot of users can’t save their document file they make in their MS Word and I am gonna describe how to solve this issue.

Common issue on MS Word PDF features

The issue is on the installation. So, I am gonna guide the right process of Microsoft Office installation below. You may need to remove your current installation and install the same or latest version whatever you prefer and comfort with, again. Check if there is any temporary file or setting you need to check before remove. Every safe step should be checked by yourself, I am not going to take any responsibility if you lose any file or setting(there is no any chance losing files, though).

How to save a word file to PDF

ms word save as pdf tutorial

When you get into the Office Tools/Apps selection page after start the installation, select which apps/tools you want or not. Like, we must keep Word, but someone may don’t need the Visio Viewer, if you are in the case, unmark that, as well as others which applicable. The important things here is, you must keep the “Office Shared Features” enable or mark to be installed with others. The feature of saving the document to PDF is hiddenly carrying into those things. So, make sure you kept that selected. You may also see Office Tools option below the feature option which you also needs to keep marked to be installed. If you followed the above direction and installed Microsoft Office program correctly, you have almost done the tricky part yourself. Now let’s began the save or print part which I direct below.


Open a blank or previous word file at your convenience and click on the office button upper-left. You will see a few dropdown submenu charts and in the middle, click on the “Print” option instead of Save. We are actually going to print that document to PDF. Don’t worry, you don’t need to cost any page or the ink for actual printing to save the document as PDF. The visual scene should look like the screenshot below.

ms word print to pdf tutorial

How to print a word file to PDF

After you click on the print button, you have to select the printer option to Microsoft Print to PDF. Then check other settings if you have multiple pages or need multiple copies. Then click the OK button below and give the being PDF file a name as well as select the location. That’s it. Simple, right? Enjoy the MS Word to PDF tricks.

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