Best Free PDF Reader App for Android – 2023

Digital document is everywhere. Email is a part of our life these days. A lot of offices storing their document in the cloud storage scanning all their paper documents. Smart devices can sketch over the digital documents. Even, a smart device can sign a document over the Internet via some service provider like DocuSign. Sometimes, the smart device provides a document signing facility itself via the cloud/internet. We are interacting with digital documents every day with our concern without concern. PDF is one of them and probably the top one. And all the computing or mobile device has a bounce of PDF reader app for free and paid. Today, we will discuss on Best Free PDF Reader App for Android.

best free pdf reader for android 2020
best free pdf reader for android 2020

Best Free PDF Reader App for Android

In the Google Play Store, which is the only Google Authorized App Store for Android has a lot of PDF reader for free and paid. We have found some very useful but free yet PDF Reader for Android and those are going below.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Acrobat Reader from Adobe is the top PDF reader which is a product of well known Adobe Inc. They have more other well-known products like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, too. Adobe Acrobat Reader is free for most of the PDF reading feature but requires additional in-app-purchase for PDF edit and some other cloud sync features too.
  • Foxit PDF Reader Mobile
    Foxit is another reliable PDF reader from a while in the market. They also offer software for Desktop and Mac too. Foxit is also similar to Adobe Reader. They also offer cloud sync service if the user register and login to the Foxif app or web. Additionally, Foxit reader offers PDF convert features and creating features even in the mobile app.
  • Google PDF Viewer
    Google’s PDF reader is only a PDF viewer in terms if we compare to other PDF reader app. They offer cloud saving feature which is very convenient when a PDF document needs to sync web so we can access them anytime across multi-device. For example, if you download a PDF document into your smartphone and open via Google PDF Viewer, a save to Google Drive feature will be visible in the upper right. This is pretty convenient to work with Drive. This is small in size too, as it offers only PDF viewing and saves to Drive but not edit or create a new one.
  • Xodo PDF Reader & Editor
    Xodo is an advanced app that also offers similar features that offer by Acrobat and Foxit. Xodo app is reviewed by more than two hundred thousand users globally. And most of the reviews are positive. Xodo offers night move reading, annotating with pencil or touch, offers export mode with different formats, and file browse is a plus too. Xodo has different file source finding like local storage, google drive, cloud, dropbox, etc. So, you will never go wrong with Xodo too.
  • WPS PDF – Lite PDF Reader, Viewer & Editor Free
    WPS is a well-known name that even comes by default with many small smartphone brand’s handsets. And WPS Office offers a bunce of features that others don’t in a single app. It offers Picture conversion, file compression, extract from a page, merge document, scanner, creating a resume from templates, etc. It also can edit a PDF document. WPS also has a cloud feature where you can sync your documents too. It has desktop-class tools too for experiencing similar features using a desktop computer.

Tips finding the best pdf reader for android even out of this list

Everyone has a different device user experience. Someone can think to keep as maximum a featureful app as possible in their smart device. Someone can think they will only keep the necessary feature. Someone like simple or clean UI than the features. So, we believe the list above may not suit 100{e8d3f332bcdefb4239daa7e323fd932d5c7c994adcaaeb44f72275d4f69714ed} people but we believe those will go beyond all the needs. But I would like to share a few tips to find the best app not only PDF reader but any category. You have to search in the PlayStore with the keyword. Chose the best rating apps and install a few at once. Then experience them for a certain time to get the best one. And finally, keep the best one all the time installed to your device. You can share your personal tricks or choice with us.

We hope this post helps you find the best free pdf reader app for android. If so, please let us know which one you like most. Thanks for being with PDF Root.

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