Alternative to paper books but you can still read and learn

Reading books is not only good to learn things but also good for passing quality times. All the big successors in the world also read a lot of books to learn their very primary to the highest logic of concern. A big reality is, you don’t know how you will learn from what. That’s why most of the successful people suggest doing good things. You will understand where you get in the final destination someday. And book reading is one of the biggest suggestions to learn things from the master or researcher of those topics.

Sometimes, someone doesn’t like to carry a book for a reason like traveling, touring, outdoor, etc.! But you can still read and learn things without carrying a book. Sometimes you can read or learn those topics which you want to read today even outdoor but in a different format. While it is important o learn no matter is which way, you can find other passes to read and learn those topics in left in your home.



An audiobook is an awesome way to learn instead of a hardcover book but still the same content. Imagine you are on a train or public transit and you can’t keep holding a book in your hand. In that case, you can keep an earphone in your ear which will be connected to your smart device in your pocket or hand. And the device will play an audio version of that book you leave in your home. This could be an awesome alternative to hardcover books but you can still learn from the books by listening to it. Amazon and most of the other platforms offer Audiobook of almost all of the books they store. Also, some authors or publications sell or include a CD/DVD with the paper book so you can listen in as an alternative.

Blog article or web reference

A blog article could be another alternative to a book. If you are looking for a book that is listed as technical categories like HTML or CSS, you can easily find any reference or story related to those topics from the Internet. Not only that, a lot of books is being written today on technical or tutorial category even in the recipe category which is highly gathering on the Internet for everyone. You can try finding that while you can’t carry a book to learn new things which are technical or a recipe or anything. A lot of dedicated blog or tutorial website is running for only a single topic to a lot of. Google your topics and enjoy, you will never regret the effort.

pdfroot-paperbook vs kindle

Kindle or eBook

Amazon has its own version of Kindle which is highly popular for reading books from their platform and others as eBooks. But the amazing thing is, the kindle page with text looks like a paper book in the color and light sense even on the digital tablet. Kindle or eBook tablet has a lot of facilities like you can store a thousand (depends on device storage) of books in one device and can read which one you want no matter when. Just keep the Kindle or eBook tablet power up and enjoy reading content on the go.

pdfroot- paperbooks vs pdf
pdfroot- paperbooks vs pdf

PDF or Web Version

Keeping a PDF version book with you in your smart device which you carry almost all the time could be a great alternative to books. Even a very basic smartphone with the lowest configuration can open PDF documents by default. There are a lot of third-party apps in the play store too for better PDF experience. So, purchasing or collecting a PDF version of any book or thesis would be a help reading that even outdoor easily. A PDF file of a whole book can be a few megabytes that are not a big deal according to today’s most smartphone. And this is also popular for a quick way to find and read things from the Internet portably. Also, there are also available some books in the web version which you can open in any web browser to read. This is another thing you can note to carry a book or document.

Photo Version

Imagine, you are outdoor and you are not for a few days but for a few hours, basically which we do when we get outdoor. In these short terms of time, if you even take your hardcover book which is basically worthless, you can’t read enough. If you take your kindle, sometimes, in a different situation, carrying a device is not comfortable all the time. In that case, for a couple of hours, you can read a few pages I guess. But we almost everyone carry our smartphone in every situation we move out. For that, taking a few photos using your smartphone for those pages your reads are held on can be a basic solution if you can adjust with the photo version to read in outdoor.


All the alternatives to read books or learn something we discussed above could definitely be a quick and easiest solution. But everyone would not be perfect in all situations. You have to think about which one is perfect for what situation. At least, we believe, all the alternative is being used by a lot of people around the world. And you can definitely be benefited by choosing one from for your daily reading. Happy reading!

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